Lord of forgiveness, take this broken life of mine.
I am afraid…but I am oh so tired.
Spent years pretending I could
battle my own way through
Lord of forgiveness,
I surrender…
Surrender to You.

Lord of compassion, take these
blinders from my eyes.
As I am wounded I see wounded in my life.
Spent years pretending I had
Important things to do.
Lord of compassion,
I surrender…I surrender
Surrender to You.

     I raise my hands, my white flag
     You quietly draw near.
     On my knees I offer everything.
     You ask me for my fear.

Lord of Resurrection won’t you roll away the stone.
Breathe into the passion so
Deep within these bones.
I was made to serve You in freedom true.
Lord of Resurrection
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender…
To You.